phillyvishnya (phillyvishnya) wrote,

очень правдивая история

He said: "I like many women. I can be just with one". She smiled.
He said: "i'm on my own. I have freedom and independence. I don't want to be responsible for anyone."
She smoked and looked down.
He said: "I like women who understand me and value my independence".
She smiled and kept smoking.
He said: "I like you. Lets go to have fun".
She stoped smoking and looked at him.
She understood it like she agrees.
He asked: "You probably had a lot of men?"
She gave him a big hug.
He asked: "Do you like me?" 
She closed her eyes and kissed him 
In the morning he said: "I enjoyed everything, but I want to keep it as a secret".
She didn't say anything.
He said: "I'll probably call you one day".
She noded and closed the door.
He called in the evening of the same day.
She wasn't home.
He called on her cellphone and reached her only at night.
She let him to come only in one week.
He asked: "So, how have you been without me?"
She smiled and offered coffee to him.
He has been called her every day.
Sometimes she just didn't pick up the phone
He came every time with her pirmition only. 
She has never excplained why she inveted him so rarely
He understood he wants to be with her only.
He was nervious when she didn't answer the phone.
He was mad when got she was with other dude.
He anted everyone knows about them
she was disagree.
He wanted she was for him only
Once he came with huge boquet of roses
she resieved the flowers, but asked do not come anymore without invitation.
He asked her married him
She said: "I'm on my own".
He felt his hands started shaking
She said: "I have freedom".
He felt cold.
She said: "I don't have to do anything to anyone".
He felt like his heart stoped
She said: "I'm not willing to change the way I live".
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